The anaconda is an animal I know a lot about since I studied it in my topic for the Rainforest. Its going to be the next animal of the week too.

The anaconda is a constricter. To constrict means to kill their prey through the slow technique of wraping round its prey and squeesing until their prey cannot breathe.
It can eat small rodents like mice, small reptiles and anything up to the occasional crocodile (which they have known to eat) . Anacondas name in latin translates as ” He who predates on mice” it is not a mammal because it lays eggs instead of producing babies witout laying eggs. Anacondas skin is normally brown and green to camoflashe it with trees and dead leaves. The anaconda lives in the rainforrests , there are 4 types of anaconda The yellow anaconda, the Bolivian anaconda, The Green Anaconda and the Dark Spotted Anaconda. The common length of an anaconda to get up to is 9 Metres and it grows so long that some take 10 men to hold it.
Anacondas live in the swamps, rivers and lakes of the Amazon Rainforest and hunt anything in there.
In the wild a Green Anaconda lives for 10 years.


The RSPB stands for the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. I am a member of the rspb and I have seen them do some great work like setting up bird sites around my area and sending a monthly magazine to kids and adults who subscribe for it. You have to pay but it’s all for the cause of Protecting birds. I’d suggest you look it up and if you have one in your area, subscribe or visit their sites. They are really interesting in what they do they even have their own website at

It will tell you more.

My time at their bird site: I had lots of fun at RSPB I saw some tits and finches eating seeds , crows and ravens , Buzzards flying obouve us and I even saw a Green Woodpecker eating. They Have telescopes in the cafe room so I could even watch the seagulls and ducks on the Sea. They have more than just birds though, on the one I was visiting I saw frogs, insects and holes that mice and the nocturnal animals live in. Last time I visited there was a bug hunt to see if there were enough bugs in the site. There certainly were!!!
I had a really fun time and I will be going back there as soon as possible.

Animal of the Week

This weeks animal of the week is …….
an octopuss.
Facts: The octopus is an invertabrate and the only hard thing on it’s entire body this means it is very flexible and can squease into extremley small places.
The octopi’s life span varies from it’s size the bigger the octopuss the longer it lives.
Some types of females eat the males after mating.
Optopusses live on the ocean floorbut when they hatch from their eggs they float to the surface. After floating on the surface with the planktons for about a month, they swim back to the sea bed.
Most octopusses live in small ,dark, holes and one type of octopuss called the Pygmie octopuss has known to live in clam shells for a while.
Octopuss have 3 hearts and heir blood is blue.
Ocopusses hunt at night and their favourite food are Crabs, Molluscs and Crayfish.
Octopusses can move in loads of different ways they can move forwards ,backwards and sideways they can even walk on the bottom of the sea with their tenticles.
The octopuss:

Rabbit Names

If you are stuck on what to call your rabbit theese will most definatly help.

Top rabbit names:

1.Thumper 21.Fluffy
2.Oreo 22.Ginger
3.Daisy 23.Bunbun
4.Bunny 24.Pepper
5.Bella 25.Snowball
6.Lily 26.Gizmo
7.Charlie 27.Holly
8.Lola 28.Jasper
9.Molly 29.Lucky
10.Oliver 30.Buster
11.Jack 31.Cookie
12.Peanut 32.Max
13.Bailey 33.Binky
14.Coco 34.Cocoa
15.Lucy 35.Buddy
16.Smokey 36.nibbles
17.Clover 37.Sophie
18.Willow 38.George
19.Cloe 39.Harvey
20.Honey 40.Hazel


When I was about six I dreamed of getting a pet because it sounds great fun and everyone else had a pet. Whether it was a snake to a fluffy hamster I just wanted somthing to care for. When I got my rabbits for my ninth birthday I was thrilled but there are some tips if you are getting a new sort of pet (particuarly a rabbit).
1. Always look at plenty of different breeds of animal before you make a fast choice.
2. Always ask to handle them before you buy them if you can’t handle them you cant train them when they are young.
3. Read all about the type your getting before hand so you cant slip up.
4. Try get the best for your pet.
5. And remember that if you don’t get the pet right now you will have to do a bit of waiting yes, but you will get a pet mabe much better, who knows.

That’s all for now goodbye hope you enjoyed this post.

Animal of the Week

This weeks animal is the Aye Aye.

The Aye Aye is a Lemur that lives in Madagascar that has rodent like teeth and a long thin middle finger. It is the largest nocturnal primate and has an unusual way of hunting for food. It taps on trees to find grubs then gnaws the bark with it’s teeth then uses it’s narrow middle finger to pull the grubs out. They live in Madagascars rainforests.The Aye aye eats animal matter, nuts, insect larvae, fruits, nectar, seeds, and fungi becuase it is an omnivore. Aye-ayes are particularly fond of cerambycid beetles. It picks fruit off trees as it moves through the canopy, often barely stopping to do so. An aye-aye not in its natural habitat will often steal coconuts, mangoes, sugar cane,lyches and eggs from villages.The aye-aye was thought to be extinct in 1933, but was rediscovered in 1957. Nine individuals were transported to an island near maroantasetra off eastern Madagascar, in 1966.

Funny fact : Ancient Malagasy legend said the Aye-aye was a symbol of death.

Fireworks night (Animals)

It was fireworks night last saturday.  It was really fun for everyone that went there but I was concerned with the pets and animals. Most pets particually cats and dogs have a fear of loud boombing sound and tend to do strange things. If you are going to fireworks night I’d sudgest to keep them inside and have someone there with them or they might trash the house in fear. There have even been horrible stories that people tie fireworks on to dogs and cats tails for fun.  They might not last the night . If you  see somthing like this call the police because animal crulety is a crime.

Here are the SSPCA’s poster about this.

Happy fireworks night 🙂 .